Friday, 18 November 2011

Walmart Credit Card - Is It a Good Choice?

If you have been thinking about getting yourself a Walmart credit card here's some information I hope you can find useful. Especially during the holiday season, it never hurts to have an extra couple of cards hanging out in your wallet from stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Kmart, as well as others. Usually, retail store credit cards have an APR of over 15% depending on your credit. By comparison, there are many credit cards available for those with good or excellent credit from companies such as Capital one, Citibank, and many others, where you don't have any financing charges for the first 12 to 18 months. This makes a huge difference when your holiday shopping comes around because you can buy whatever your credit limit allows you and not have to pay anything but the minimum payment for the next few months without having to pay interest.

What kind of perks does a Walmart credit card have?

First of all, this retail chain has two cards that they offer; one is the Walmart Discover card and the other one is the regular card. The Discover card issued by Walmart comes from GE Capital Retail Bank. With this card you can get 1% cash back on all your purchases. Also, anywhere that they except Discover cards you'll be able to use this one also. You can also save anywhere from $.03-$.10 per gallon at the participating Walmart gas stations all across United States. The one really great feature I like about the Walmart credit cards is that you get provided with your FICO score every month to monitor your credit and you can get a cash advance whenever you need it. Aside from that, I like the fact that we have to pay no annual fee and if somebody commits fraud with your credit cards that there is no liability whatsoever.

The way I use my Walmart credit card is I definitely go fill up my car with gas at my local Walmart, and every now and then I do have to rely on them to get a cash advance. For me, it never hurts to have enough credit around for those moments where you need a little bit of help with your finances and you can turn to a credit card to carry you through a few days. Also I like the fact that I'm able to establish and improve my credit with this card from Walmart and the monthly payments are so easy for me that there is no way to move but up in my FICO score. All in all, the credit card from Walmart is a solid choice but you have to stay on top of it and monitor it well to take full advantage of what it has to offer.

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