Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Business Credit Cards: Explore Other Options First

Unbeknownst to many, a credit card is actually classified as a small business loan. These cards, which are almost always issued by banks, allow a customer to make purchases without having to use cash out of pocket. The bank then allows the customer to make monthly payments on the balance and for this service the bank charges interest. In essence, a credit card acts and has almost all the same properties of a small business loan.

One of the drawbacks of a credit card versus a small business loan is that typically a small business loan has a lower interest rate than a the card banks issue. This makes an unsecured loan or line of credit more attractive than a credit card, which is why businesses should look into these former options before exploring the latter. Luckily obtaining an unsecured loan or line of credit is not as difficult as many think. A good number of companies that qualify for business credit cards also qualify for small business loans or lines of credit. Also, businesses that are fairly well established and have a solid relationship with a local bank find it easier to receive funding.

Though some financial institutions have experienced trouble of late, there are still many banks that are ready and willing to lend. While the personal credit market is a bit of a disaster right now, if a business knows where to look, finding financing is a real possibility. Fortunately, with the technological innovations over the past fifteen years, borrowers are able to search a great number of websites to find the most attractive lenders. Businesses in the market for a loan should begin the process by thoroughly examining theses sites.

A rule of thumb for businesses that choose to get funding through these high rate cards, is to control spending so the business has enough cash to pay off the balance with in thirty to sixty days. This accomplishes two goals. First, by paying off the balance once a month the business is able to keep their interest expenses down. Secondly, by having a zero balance on the card, the person's credit score tied to the card will continue to improve. Many small businesses will use credit cards to buy inventory they plan on selling within a short period of time. If the business is successful in this practice then they will have cash too pay off the balance before it is due and thereby able to avoid interest payments. Also, by doing this the business will be able to build up its' cash holdings and soon will be able to use this cash to make purchases. This will result in the company being in much better financial position.

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