Sunday, 25 December 2011

Great Ways to Apply for a Credit Card

Credit cards are now an essential item for your life. Like a true friend, they are ready to help in critical and essential situations. It may seem that anyone in the world can easily apply for a credit card, but this is not true. There are certain norms that you need to follow. People who have bad credit history find difficulties in getting the card they want.

Filling an application for a credit card looks simple but if you have a bad credit history or no credit, you need to know the types of forms to fill to get a new card. Here are some techniques for filing credit card applications.

If your credit history is strong or clean, you can go for a store credit card. They are good for people who are applying for the first time. Their norms and regulations are easier than other cards.

Some people request a card for gas as they are easy to apply for. Students who usually have no credit history like to go with a Visa or Master Card. Companies that provide these cards to students, see their parents as a source of security of payment.

If your credit history is not good, you need to be wise while filling a credit card application. Also, you need to do some preparations to apply for your desired cards. The step starts with your request for the previous 6 months or 1 year credit report. Three bureaus- TransUnion, Experian and Equifax are responsible to provide detailed information of your credit history and scores. They provide your credit report once in a year. When you get your credit report, it is your duty to check it thoroughly to know any enormous mistake and due payment. If you have any due payment, try to pay it off before applying for a card.

Enormous mistakes like you have already paid your dues but the report doesn't contain that history, then you need to write dispute letters of each of your mistake. The letter should be written in a well manner and contain the name of three bureaus. There are much chances of rejection of your letters, so try to careful about formatting. If your letter is accepted by these bureaus, it will take 40-45 days to repair the history. With your letters, don't forget to include the proof that conveys you have already paid the bill.

Apply for secure cards are another wonderful way. But make sure about your credit bills. It should be paid on time, otherwise you may lose your essential goods.

This is one of the most idealist ways to apply for fair credit credit cards. There are many people who are following these ways. If you are quite anxious to get your desired credit card you can go with these ways.

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