Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Using Secured Credit Cards To Better Your Rating

At one point in time, if you had a poor credit rating you would generally be disregarded by any type of lending company, you would feel shut out and be forced to struggle and cope with your bad financial situation. In today's world vendors have started to take advantage of the situation you are in and provide you with many solutions to help get you out of the red and back in the clear, however not all of these methods are as good as they first appear. Secured credit cards, loans for people with bad credit, payday loans and cash for gold schemes are all techniques that are widely available to help provide you will a little extra cash in your time of need.

For many people loans are out the question, they can acquire a substantial amount of debt as you there will be a minimum amount a company will offer you (which is usually more than you might need) and you are left with at least a few years of debt over your head where you must constantly repay the lender of a basis that they choose. The same can be said with payday loans, although these loans are generally short term and the company is repaid within the month, they offer extremely high interest rates that you will struggle to find with any other financial solution that can leave you even more out of pocket that before.

Secured credit cards may also have downfalls however when we compare this against the other options and it can also seem like the best technique to increasing your credit rating.

It is well known that credit cards can be used to help better your credit rating because of the way they work. Generally all companies will contact the credit bureaus and they will inform of them of when you managed to make a repayment on time, when your payment was late and all other information similar to this. Our credit score gets damaged based on when we miss or fail to make a payment, this can be relative to anything such as a late mobile phone bill or failing to pay back a loan.

So how can secured credit cards help us?

Secured credit cards work in a similar way to secured loans; to first apply for a secured card we must make a deposit or offer the lending party something of value to us. Whatever the object is that we use, it is then stored as a safety agreement between you and company, you will then sign to say that if you fail to repay what you owe the company can take this item. Of course the great thing about this is that if you fail to pay, you still pay.

Credit cards are known for their ability to raise credit. If you make a purchase with your credit you will usually receive a bill with this purchase the following month, however the great this is if we make a payment on the 8th, we can pay it off on the 15th. This means that before the bill has even been sent we have borrowed and repaid the money, this is reported to the credit bureau and works heavily in our favour when our new score is calculated and as you can see from this method secured credit cards can easily provide with a great and quick solution to raising our credit score.

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