Sunday, 25 December 2011

Letters to Credit Bureaus: How to Get Their Attention and Remove Derogatory Credit

Writing letters to credit bureaus can be very tricky. You may not know what to say, where to send them, or what to include. But, with a little knowledge you can get powerful results.

When writing letters to credit bureaus it is important that you know what items you are disputing on your report. You should have three different credit reports; one from each Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. With your credit reports in hand highlight each item that is negative that you are wanting to dispute.

In writing your letter tell the bureaus which item you are disputing and why. Let them know why the item is inaccurate and must be removed. Also tell them that you are including a copy of your credit report with those items highlighted. This will help to make things very clear to them. You should write three different letters, one for each bureau.

If you have back up documentation, like an invoice showing the item was paid, include that with your letter. Be sure to also include your full legal name, address, social security number, and date of birth in your letters.

The address to the credit bureaus can be found on their websites. These addresses change frequently to try and detour people, so be sure the check regularly for address changes. You do not need to send your mail certified. Regular postage is fine.

Many people try to dispute their credit online with the credit bureaus. This is not recommended because you are unable to send support documentation and it is harder for you to keep records of your actions. It is important that you keep copies of the letters you send and the dates that you sent them.

After you mail a dispute the bureaus have 30 days from the time they received the letter to take action. They will mail you back a response showing the results of the dispute. If not all the items are deleted you will need to send another letter with further details.

If you are a victim of identity theft be sure to let them know. You will also want to ask them to put a fraud alert with your best phone number to prevent further damage to your credit.

When you are suffering the credit problems many things in your life can seem more difficult. But with the necessary tools and knowledge you can remove derogatory items and get your credit back on track.

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